Gain a new perspectif

The support to understand and act on insight and intelligence that will lead to better business.

Perspectif is a market research service from Antur Teifi providing market intelligence, analysis and insights to businesses. This powerful resource can provide you with research specific to your business and business sector that keeps you ahead of your competitors.
We offer businesses tailored market research solutions that will enable you to analyse your market, competitors and identify future opportunities by using world leading market intelligence.

Perspectif New

Our Perspectif entry level package will provide your business with a detailed sector report that defines key market trends and insights.

This package will enable you to identify potential customers, understand current market activities and pinpoint future market trends.

The information gained here could be used to inform your marketing messages and campaign.

Perspectif Live

Our Perspectif Live Package will provide a detailed Sector Report that includes key marketing and strategic recommendations. Providing your business with better understanding of your market and customers.

Through this package your business will have access to an additional 9 days of market analyst time. Your designated analyst will provide tailored support that looks at key areas of interest to you and your business, helping you spot the trends that are of most importance to your business.

Our Perspectif team will provide you with the capabilities needed to implement key recommendations that will help your business remain competitive.

Perspectif Fresh

Perspectif’s advanced package provides your company with extensive market intelligence and analysis tailored to your business.

In adition to the specialised Sector Report this package provides extensive access to your own personal analyst who will work with you to achieve your aims & objectives.

With Perspectif Fresh you have up to 18 days of Market Analyst time to carry out additional research and analysis bringing in your own business data and contextualising with the wider marketplace.

If you could see the benefits of conducting good Market Research.

Market research is an invaluable tool that guides your business and enables you to conduct informative decisions. Market research will help you grow your business, understand your customers and identify new markets. Knowing your external market puts your business in a good position to succeed.

If you could increase your Market Research knowledge and confidence.

Perspectif not only gives you world class market intelligence but provides the knowledge to interpret information and make it valuable to your business. Through our website you will find the right tools to solve your business’s market research problems.

If you have limited time to conduct Market Research.

Perspectif has everything you’ll need to conduct effective market research – all in one place. This will save your business valuable time and money providing you with credible information that ensures you are making the right decisions.