About Perspectif

If you could see the potential profit gained from good market research. If an idea is just a hunch and nothing more. If you could see what your customers want.

Who Are We

Perspectif is a new service from Antur Teifi that provides insights, understanding and market intelligence to businesses. We offer tailored market research solutions that will enable you to analyse your market, competitors and identify future opportunities by using world leading market intelligence.

Perspectif analyse market intelligence data from a range of sources, including current insights from industry sources. Our approach is layered to offer each business a solution that fits their needs. We offer a range of packages; Perspectif New, Live and Fresh, as well as bespoke research services to help you to achieve the aims of the business. Our layered approach enables you to consider your marketplace to the level of depth and focus that you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Team: Perspectif’s team is on hand to guide your business through tough strategic decisions, giving you current and accurate evidence to inform your business idea before you invest. Our analysers have extensive market research knowledge throughout various sectors and are easily contactable to discuss real time research issues your business may come across. 

Where we work: Perspectif is based in Carmarthenshire, west Wales, however its services are not bound by geography. We provide businesses with easy access to innovative and affordable market intelligence. Delivered through current, specific market research providing advice and guidance tailored to your own business. This leads to unique recommendations that will provide intelligence that will help you deliver your objectives.

What We Do

We work closely with you to help you trade more effectively. We do this by understanding your current (or future) challenges, and analyse current market data to help you:

  • Understand why people buy your products
  • Focus your marketing campaigns
  • Prepare for key client meetings
  • Prepare for funding / finance applications
  • Scope the opportunity for innovation

….. and many other things that come from gaining a better understanding of your markets.

Our layered approach enables you to consider your marketplace to the level of depth and focus that you need to achieve your desired outcomes i.e. Our New package will be ideal if you want to understand the wider marketplace within your sector and the consumer trends that are relevant and occurring within it.

If, for example, you wish to delve a bit deeper and look in more detail at the lifestyles of a particular market segment that is growing within your sector then the Live package will enable you to do just that as it includes an additional 9 days of Market Analyst time. Your designated analyst will be able to look at key areas of interest to you and your business, helping you to spots the trends that are of most importance to your business.

If you require even greater depth or a more specialised focus, then our Fresh package will enable you to do just that. With up to 18 days of Market Analyst time to carry out additional research and analysis bringing in your own business data and contextualising within the wider marketplace, or to identify and carry out competitor analysis and horizon scanning to identify new opportunities for your business.

We also offer business the opportunity to design their own bundle of research and market investigation with a bespoke project. Whether you require primary research among your customers, desk research looking at a collection of particular factors that are relevant to your business, or customer profiling we will develop a programme of research that meets your exact requirements.

Perspectif strives to help businesses view their World from a new Perspectif.

What We Stand For

It has become apparent from previous research that many businesses do not have sufficient confidence or knowledge of how to conduct market research. Market research is often seen as being resource heavy and time consuming. However it is important that businesses determine whether there is demand for the product/service before bringing it to the market place. Lack of market research can lead to financial difficulties and product/service failure. Perspectif tries to combat this problem by providing businesses with vital tools to enhance individuals’ knowledge and conduct effective market research, ensuring businesses remain competitive.

Benefit of Perspectif

Market Research Tool

Affordable and easy to use market research tool

Free information

Free basic market research information and templates

Leading Research

Large range of credible world leading research

Personal Mentoring

Personal mentor assigned to each business that specialises in your field of work

Integrated mentoring

Mentor becomes part of your business and has a clear understanding of how your business operates.

Tailored Service

Can tailor service provided to your business needs.


Improves organisational efficiency and market research knowledge

Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround on affordable market research specialist guidance.

Clear Understanding

Helps businesses to establish a clear understanding of their customers, competitors and market place.

Privacy Policy – We are in the process of updating our Research Privacy Policy but if you require information about our processes please contact us at info@perspectif.co.uk

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