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It is vital that businesses conduct market research to ensure the success of its products or services. Here you will find FREE Market Research Toolkits that will help you manage your own market research all in one convenient place. Our easy to follow Market Research Toolkits will help you conduct primary and secondary data that will present valuable qualitative and quantitative research providing insights into your market.

A list of reliable data sources can be found on this page. These sources can be used to collate specific information relevant to your business. Perspectif have also created ‘How to Guide’ that will help you navigate these websites to access the data you need.

Introduction to Market Research
  1.  Introduction to Market Research
  2. Top 20 Questions That Research Could Help You Answer
  3. Everything You Need to Know About Market Research
  4. How to Conduct Market Research
  5. Marketing Zone – Your Marketing Bible
  6. Your Marketing Strategy
  7. Key Marketing Tools
2011 Census
  1. 2011 Census – Quick Statistics for Wales
  2. 2011 Census – Quick Statistics for England and Wales
  3. 2011 Census – Key Statistics for Wales
  4. 2011 Census – Key Statistics for England and Wales
How to Guides
  1. How to use UK National Statistics
  2. How to use StatsWales
  3. How to use Office for National Statistics
  4. How to use Neighbourhood Statistics
Welsh Data & Information
  1. People
  2. Economy
  3. Publications
  4. Education
  5. Fact Sheets
How to Create a Business & Marketing Plan?
  1. Business Plan Templates
  2. Free! Sector Specific Business Plans
  3. How to Write a Business Plan
 CV Writing Guidance and Templates
  1. Top 5 CV Tips
  2. Free CV Templates
  3. How to Create the Perfect CV
  4. CV Advice
  5. Awesome Words to Use on Your CV
  6. Cover Letter Advice
  7. Free Cover Letter Samples
 Questionnaires & Survey Guidance and Templates
  1. Free Survey Templates
  2. Business Survey Templates
  3. Employee Satisfaction Survey Templates
  4. Marketing Survey Templates
  5. Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates
  6. Market Research Survey Templates
  7. Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions
  8. Surveys – Different Methods & Instruments
  9. How to Conduct Surveys
  10. Survey Question Type
  11. Available Question Types & Formatting Options
  12. Survey Introduction
  13. 5 Tips of Writing a Great Survey
  14. A Guide to Questionnaire Design
Interviewing Process Guidance and Templates
  1. Interviewing as a Method of Qualitative Research
Focus Groups Guidance and Templates
  1. Guidelines for conducting a focus group
  2. Designing and conducting focus group interviews
Customer Profiling Guidance
  1. 5 Simple Steps to Creating an Ideal Customer Profile
  2. A comprehensive Guide to Growing your Customer Base
Marketing Terminology
  1. Marketing Mix (4 P’s)
  2. PEST Analysis
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Market Segmentation
  5. GCG Growth-Share Matrix
  6. GE / McKinsey Matrix
  7. Ansoff Matrix
  8. Porter’s Five Forces

Market Research Websites

If there was a place where existing market research is stored and easy to get, all for FREE!