Top Tips On Growing Your Twitter Audience

August 01, 2016
Rhoslyn Sherman-Davies

Our last in the series of 3 blogs is all about growth. Is Twitter working for you? Are you targeting the right people? Want to grow your twitter following?

Customers today wish to remain connected to a brand 24/7. Twitter provides an effective platform for businesses to do this successfully, enabling you to instantly respond to customer enquiries as and when they arise. However for this to work you need to concentrate on building your twitter following.

This blog will concentrate on ways in which you can grow your twitter community by engaging more effectively with your followers.

Do you currently use Twitter Ads? If you’re looking for a quick fix Twitter Ads can be a good way to increase your Twitter following. But it comes at a cost. However there is an alternative. You could freely generate new followers by being street smart.


Here are some tips to help you increase your twitter community today:


  • Make sure your bio is up-to date

Many people use Twitter on a daily basis. Some may know of your brand but most will not have heard of it. So how do you persuade someone that has no previous relationship with your brand to follow you on Twitter? A catchy bio would be a good start!  

The first thing Twitter followers will do is click on your profile to learn more about your company. First impression is everything. You have 160 characters! Make sure your message is punchy and targeted. Find out what your followers want and make it memorable.


  • Create an easily identifiable profile picture

Having a profile picture that stands out is a must. Do you have a company logo? Your profile picture is an excellent place to showcase your logo. The more you tweet the more your logo will appear in the twitter feed. This will help increase brand recognition, bringing your brand to the forefront of people’s minds.


  • Add social media buttons to your website

There are many ways you can effectively direct customers to your social media platforms. Do you have a website? If so incorporating social media buttons on your website could increase customer engagement levels. But don’t go overboard!

Making it easy for customers to find your social media platform is vital. People will not follow your brand if they do not know you have a social presence.

So how do you incorporate your social media networks and website? It’s quite simple there are many plugins available that can help you manage your social media accounts. Test drive a few to see what best suits your business.

Embedding your twitter feed to your home page is a great idea. This is your platform to showcase your thriving social media presence and the kind of content you post on twitter. Doing this will increase the likelihood of customers following you on twitter. 



  • Promote your @username everywhere

If you’re on twitter – shout about it! Your twitter handle provides an effective way for people to discover you. Make sure you publish it on everything – Your website, business cards, shop window, advertisements and any print material that your company produces.


  • Start following people

Make the first move. Go and find your followers. By now you must have a good idea of your target audience. If not you need to give this some thought. Take 10 minutes each day searching for individuals to follow that match your profile.

Tip: If you decide to follow an account give them 5-10 days to follow you back, then unfollow the ones that don’t. Clearly they weren’t interested or aren’t that active on Twitter, so it’s time to move on.

Keep an eye on the number of people following your brand. Ideally, keep the number of people you follow lower than the number of people that follow you.


  • Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter is a fast passed conversational platform. As a company you should be looking to engage with current twitter conversations, providing solutions and information when appropriate. This will increase brand engagement and you will create a name for yourself.

You can do this by simply monitoring conversations that appear in your feed. However, if you are looking to engage with a particular topic why not use hashtags to help you narrow your search. If you are looking to promote school holiday activities check out which hashtags organisations such as Visit Wales and your local tourism association are using.  



  • Share Other People’s Content

When viewing your twitter home page you should actively look for interesting tweets to Re-tweet. But make sure it’s of relevance to your audience and in keeping with your messaging tone. Sharing tweets will increase follower reach, getting your brand in front of a wider audience.

When sharing a post from a specific account it will automatically send them a message. This will help increase engagement between the two brands increasing the probability of future re-tweets.


  • Stay On-Topic and On-Trend

Twitter followers will only engage with content that is of relevance to them. Make sure you’re tweeting topics that your customers are interested in, not just stuff you think is interesting.


So how do you do this?

  1. Monitor your tweets. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Not all tweets will be successful. Learn from your mistakes! Twitter Analytics is a great tool to help you evaluate the success of your tweets and provides a better picture on what best to tweet in the future.
  2. Know what’s on trend. Once you have logged in to your Twitter account you’ll be able to see which hashtags are trending. This gives you an idea of what is hot for the day. If appropriate, find ways to contribute to the conversation by tweeting with a trending hashtag.


  • Respond to Tweets

Twitter isn’t a one way dialogue; turn it into a 2-way conversation. Customers can contact you through various ways e.g. tweet directly, reply to a tweet or a private message. Replying to customers queries is vital. It shows you value their engagement, showcasing the brand in a good light.

Not replying to tweets could be more damaging than not having a twitter platform. This does not mean you need to live on Twitter! But keep a close eye for any notifications and reply accordingly.


Ways in which you can respond to tweets

  1. Reply directly to a customer’s tweet providing information required.
  2. Send a private message.
  3. Retweet their tweet if they are endorsing your company.
  4. Twitter has an effective tool to help you notify followers you have read their post and appreciate what they have to say. This can be done by clicking on the heart button at the bottom of each tweet.



  • Tweet Those You Quote

If you are referring to a particular person or company look to see if they have a twitter account and include their @username in the tweet. The more followers each account has the wider reach your tweet will have.


Examples of effective ways to quote people:

  1. If a well-known person visits your premises grab a photo.
  2. If you stock a new product let your customers know.
  3. Promote new customers.
  4. Keep track of current news and sporting events. Congratulate or voice an opinion if it’s of interest to your company or customers.


  • Host a Follower Giveaway

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to increase your followers you could consider running a giveaway competition. Here people will be entered into a prize draw if they follow and re-tweet your content. Many businesses have previously used this technique successfully and have gained valuable future benefits.

The key here is to choose a giveaway that your followers are interested in. There are many prize draws out there, so you need to stand out!


  • Include Hashtags in Tweets

Hashtags are used to help followers find specific conversations related to a given topic. Many companies spend time coming up with new hashtags with the hope of it trending. This can be time consuming and a lengthy process, with no guarantee of success.  Instead, get involved with the conversations that are already happening, give and share genuine and useful help, advice and information and you will see your follower numbers increase … but it does take time!