Perspectif New

Are you looking for detailed market intelligence to gain better understanding of your market but don’t have the knowledge and capability to implement the findings?

Perspectif’s New Package could offer you the level of market intelligence needed for your business. Our Perspectif entry level package will provide your business with a detailed Sector Report that defines key market trends and insights.

This package will enable you to identify potential customers, understand current market activities and pinpoint future market trends.

The information gained here could be used to:

  • Inform your business plan
  • Outline the company’s aims and objectives
  • Add value to your marketing messages and campaign
  • Strengthen financial application
Perspectif New clients will have access to:
  • Perspectif Sector Report – updated as new data becomes available
  • Regular topical Insight Reports
  • Access to ‘Perspectif Whiteboard’ – a strategy planning tool, helping your business make meaning from the insights
  • Access to analyst via phone or email
  • Online access to a range of market research.

If you require more in-depth research please look at our Perspectif Live Package.