Trends & The Future

Trends & the future of the sector

A number of consumer trends are transforming the hospitality sector, and have the potential to open up new opportunities for businesses that are ready to adapt to changing consumer needs.

This section explores 3 key trends that are shaping the industry:

  • personalisation,
  • authenticity and
  • peer recommendations

With case studies and examples of how the industry across the world is responding, you are sure to be challenged and inspired to think about how they could be applied within your own business.

This section also identifies a number of technological developments that are emerging in the hospitality sector and identifies how they could impact on your business.  As well as highlighting key a number of points for holiday accommodation providers we take a look forward to the future of the sector, exploring some of the emerging opportunities and threats.


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Less Gloss ... More RealLet's get personal ...

What do you think-








The Future ...


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