Bespoke Projects

At Perspectif we offer businesses the opportunity to design their own bundle of research and market investigation with a bespoke project.  Whether you require primary research among your customers, desk research looking at a collection of particular factors that are relevant to your business, or customer profiling we will develop a programme of research that meets your exact requirements.

Our bespoke projects could be a one off commissioned report based on a specific query or sector or an on-going piece of research that looks at factors that may affect your business over duration of time.

Your personal market analyst will work closely with your company to fully understand the aims of the research and the outcomes you need from it. This enables us to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of your internal and external environment.

As a company we have good ties with numerous international businesses within the research world. This enables us to gain access to a wide range of market research sources. Gaining intelligence from a wide range of sources is important to gain a realistic picture of the activities within a market. This enables us to delve deeper beneath the surface and provide your company with relevant findings that will have an impact on your business.

Perspectif’s research team have the capabilities to conduct effective surveys, questionnaires, focus groups and desk research. Here we will be able to conduct in-depth research into your current customers and potential customers.

Types of research Perspectif could offer your business:
  • Primary & Secondary data
  • Customer profiling
  • Internal & external analysis and diagnostic
  • Survey creation, implementation and analysis
  • Questionnaire creation, distribution and collating
  • Focus group